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Welcome to The Panel Talk Gallery,
where you can view presentations of projects for review.

The Panel Talk for our Class of 2023 can be viewed here:

The panel:
Anna Clarén (SE): Anna Clarén is the mentor for the photographers that have projects for review.

Sal Taylor Kydd (USA): Sal Taylor Kydd is an international exhibited photographic artist and writer.

Jenny Morelli (SE): Jenny Morelli is a Swedish poet, journalist and publicist. Morelli is the editor in chief of the Swedish Photography Magazine Fotografisk Tidskrift,

The talk will be moderated by NORDphotography's and SAGA's founder Elisabeth N Aanes (NO).

The hour is late - Marit Nilsen
De utsatta - Christer Björkman
The time we are given - Anne Haarberg
Skild (Separated) - Göran Jansson
Waiting for the Synapses to Mend - Alexandra Elevant
Swan song - Kjersti Øritsland
Little leaves - Linda Unnhem

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