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 Founder and CEO: Elisabeth Nordeng Aanes 

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Founder’s Notes: 

‘I worked as an assistent for the renowned American Photographer Joyce Tenneson from 2005-2006. After I returned to my homeland Norway, I would organise one workshop a year at Joyce's studio in Maine, as a way of keeping in touch with her. In 2008 Joyce suggested that I started my own business in Scandinavia, organising quality workshops with instructors like her, that had a strong passion for photography, and a wish to help furthering other peoples talent. Joyce reached out to her contacts, and soon I had a team of instructors, who all were successful in their field, but also had great reputations as mentors and of helping others find the strength of their voices and talent.'

Since then the company has grown to feature workshops in three countries and our curriculum has expanded to include courses in photography, multimedia, book-design, bookbinding and marketing for photographers.


In 2012 we renovated a former sawmill in the area Inderøy in Norway, and opened NORDphotography's workshop center SAGA, a state of the art creative center with accommodation, gallery, classroom, social areas and a wet plate collodion lab. In the fall of 2018 we expanded with a Artist in Residence offer at SAGA, open to creative artists from all over the world. We also publish a limited edition Fine Art Booklet called PORTFOLIO this year, which presents work created by participants who have attended a PORTFOLIO journey. Our intent is to publish 1-2 issues of our Fine Art Booklet every year. 

NORDphotography's faculty has grown with us, and consists of a fine selection of world class artists and professionals in the field of photography. It is a selection of individuals who are not only celebrated and collected as artists, but who have also gained accolades for being some of the best instructors in the world. 

It all startet with Joyce giving me an idea, believing that I could do it, even when I doubted it myself, helping me draft my business-plan, write the vision for NORDphotography, then backing it up with support, and encouragement. This trust formed the backbone of NORDphotography, and created our core values


We team up with internationally acclaimed photographers and resources in photography, to give you an unforgettable learning experience.


Our goal is to help you expand your talent, and to further the carrier of photographers. 


Our Mission is to arrange workshops and events that makes a difference.






SAGA Senter for Fotografi: 

Nestled in a quiet bay, directly on the waterfront, and surrounded by one of Norway most beautiful cultural landscapes, you find SAGA, NORDphotography’s workshop center. The area, called Inderøy, is known for its beautiful scenery, which together with the sea and special light, has inspired artists and authors for hundreds of years. It is a perfect place for a creative center for photographers and we welcome anyone looking for a quiet environment where nature, like-minded people, and world-renowned photographers come together to learn and celebrate the art of photography.

As a participant on a SAGA workshop we will reserve a room for you at our hotel when you register for a workshop.

If SAGA is fully booked we will organise alternative accommodation nearby in the same price range.

There are single beds in all of SAGA's hotel rooms. Most participants will have to share hotel room with one other participant of the same gender. If you are a group traveling together, or you have a preference when sharing a room, please make a note when registration for the workshop.


Saga is known for it's fresh homemade food. We will start each day with a healthy breakfast, before heading to class, or out shooting. We serve warm lunch at SAGA every day. Breakfast and varm lunch is included in the accommodation fee.

If you have any food allergies please let us know when you register for your class and we will try to accommodate your needs.

For dinner: the options will be discussed with the group on arrival. Dinner is not included.

Saga has a full liquor license.

- listed in the workshop description. 

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