- Creative Lighting 

  with Ragne K. Sigmond


5 - 10 October 2021


Saga - Inderøy - Norway

There’s more to night photography than stars and hikes.


Join us on this workshop with photographer Ragne K Sigmond and discover the wonders of lightpainting, where you can blend the surreal look of night with brushstrokes of light to enhance your own stories.

Ragne K Sigmond
Ragne K Sigmond

Ragne K Sigmond
Ragne K Sigmond

Ragne K Sigmond
Ragne K Sigmond

Ragne K Sigmond
Ragne K Sigmond



To master the art of lighting is the skill that differentiates a good photographer from the rest. On our workshop with Ragne Kristine Sigmond it is all about light and light painting in particular. We will exploring the wonders of light, and furthermore the possibilities light painting technique, combined with long exposure times, and dark surroundings, brings to our images and creative prosess. It’s about photography after sunset, it’s about light painting in the twilight, or “the blue hour”.
This workshop will teach you light painting on interior, landscape and with a model. You will, the more you master this technique, experience that your light painting strokes become more and more personal. And as long as your camera has a manual mode, long exposure time, combined with aperture, this technique will give you an infinite range of possibilities and expressions.
We will be shooting in the evenings, at night, and in the morning to capture the soft light that comes with the golden hour. We will seek out interesting locations for the students like old greenhouses, churches, boat houses, old forests that have a curtain mythical quality to them and will work as interesting backdrop.
Light painting is equal to “slow photography”. A picture takes from 30 seconds to several minutes to make. Because light painting itself adds a lot of mystique and atmosphere to the photography, most often very little has to be added in post production. So if your aim is to make creative all-in-one-shot type of photography, light painting is the answer.
This technique is also perfect for photographers who want to create interesting images without the need of expensive equipment, that also requires a lot of space. All you need is a torch, and a camera that has manuell settings.
Our instructor Ragne Sigmond will show you how she likes to work, and why it is important to not over complicate a photoshoot. Simple concepts, a location that is easy to get to, creates an atmosphere for spontaneous on-the-spot ideas and give us the freedom to take chances and explore. To “let go” is an important part of a light painting session. If your mind is open, this process might very well lead to new and innovative work!

NOK 10.200,- (deposit NOK 2.200,-). This does not include travel costs, accommodations or meals.

Shortly after registration for your workshop you will receive an invoice via e-mail for the deposit (to be paid within two weeks). You will also receive an invoice for the rest of the tuition at the same time as the deposit. This invoice is to be paid no later then one month before the workshop starts. All fees are to be paid in Norwegian Kroner.

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SAGA has a hotel section, which offers accommodation for participants during the workshop. If SAGA is fully booked we will organise alternative accommodation nearby in the same price range.

There are single beds in all of SAGA's hotel rooms. Most participants will have to share hotel room with one other participant of the same gender. If you are a group traveling together, or you have a preference when sharing a room, please make a note when registration for the workshop.

There are single beds in all of SAGA's hotel rooms. Most participants will have to share hotel room with one other participant of the same gender. If you are a group traveling together, or you have a preference when sharing a room, please make a note when registration for the workshop.

To comply with Corona restrictions: we offer private rooms to our participants for the coming season (2021).

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By Car: 

Follow E6 to Røra, then RV 755 to Straumen.

Travel expenses are each participant's own responsibility.

NOK 10.200,- 

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The workshop starts on the 5TH of OCT. at 7PM. 

The workshop ends on the 10TH of OCT. at 1PM.

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Camera: Personally Ragne prefers to use her Olympus camera which has the very specific feature “Live composite” that allows her to follow every light stroke during the exposure on the display. But any camera can be used as long as it manually can be set on long exposure times together with the combination of a chosen aperture.

Flash light: with dimming posibiities, or bring more then one with different strengths

You will also need a tripod, and your own laptop, and camera equipent. 

Students are expected to bring a small portfolio (max 10 images) of their work (print or digital) to the class. 



Ragne Kristine Sigmond is a Norwegian photographer, currently teaching photography at Media College Denmark, where teaching of lighting is one of her favourite subjects.
She received her education in photography at the very same school, graduating in 2003.


Working on fine art photography in her spare time has been an important factor for developing her photographic style. She has been invited to present her work at art fairs, to give lectures and hold workshops, to judge competitions or to exhibit in countries like Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Australia.

She was the main contributor of photographs to the 500-page book about composition “Se her!” (LOOK!), written by Rudi Hass, released in the Scandinavian market in 2013.

In 2017 she received the Photography award in Norway, a prize created to honour photographers who have especially contributed to enhancing the position of photography in cultural life.

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