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 with Tatiana Yermolayeva  

 & Elisabeth N Aanes



NEW DATES: 5 - 11 October 2020


St Petersburg - Russia

Join us in St Petersburg in October on a cultural journey where our quest is to capture the Russian Soul.


This is a creative adventure for photographers who want to make new and exciting work, with a focus on portraits, inspired by the culture and history of Russia.


We kick-off this workshop with a guided tour at one of the oldest and largest museums in the world, The Hermitage Museum. Then spend the next days capturing our models, especially choose for this workshop, in different historical sites and mansions in St Petersburg area, selected for us by our Russian producer art historian Tatiana Yermolayeva.


The workshop wraps with an excursion to historical Pavlovsk, before our Final Show, which will be presented in front of an audience of invited guests, at the Ambassador Hotel. 


We will draw our inspiration from the locations we visit, historical sites, the city of Peter, and the people we meet on our quest to capture the Russian Soul. Each day will contain image critic and a lectures, where the focus is to explore our theme ‘The Russian Soul’. Art historian Tatiana Yermolayeva will provide the participants with a reading and film list before the workshop, and be our guide not only by sharing the history and culture of St Petersburg, but also by evaluating if we reach our guest in capturing the Russian Soul in our images. NORDphotography’s founder Elisabeth N Aanes will conduct the image critic sessions, and lectures where we will look at different artist who have masterfully captured the human character and created portraits that go beyond the surface. 


We will be working with a hair and make-up team in St Petersburg and spend about 4 hours on location each day. Since we are working with daylight, we spend the first part of the day shooting on location. Our lecture and image critique time will take place in the evenings. 


We will have a max of 9 students on this workshop.


• Yelagin Palace • The Palace of Grand Duke Michail Alexandrovich

• Brusnitsin Mansion • Rasputin’s favourite bathhouse • Rasputin’s apartment • Stieglitz Museum of Applied Arts • Academy of Fine Art

• The Demidov Palace • the former house of Russian realist Painter Ilja Repin • Vitesby Railway Station • Rumyantsev Palace • Fontana 20

NORDphotography will book local models/ dancers to model for this workshop.

PLANNED INTINERARY (open to changes): 

October  5TH:

1PM: Guided tour at The Hermitage Museum

7PM: Welcome Dinner at our Hotel - a typical Russian feast. 

9 PM: Welcome Lecture and information about our location on the 3RD


October 6TH: - first photoshoot

In the morning: portraits on location/ In the evening: lecture and critic


October 7TH: - second photoshoot

In the morning: portraits on location/ In the evening: lecture and critic

October 8TH: - third photoshoot

In the morning: portraits on location/ In the evening: lecture and critic

October 9TH: - forth and last photoshoot

In the morning: portraits on location/ In the evening: last critic session

October 10TH - Pavlovsk and Final Show

Excursion to Pavlovsk and the palace of Katherine the Great - we leave in the morning and are back at out hotel around 4 - 5PM. On the way back to our hotel we will stop for a late lunch at a very fun Russian restaurant who will serve us a feast of Russian Dishes. Final Show at Ambassador Hotel starting at 7PM.


October 11TH: Departure after breakfast. 

NOK 23.000,- (deposit NOK 6.000,-). 

Included in the workshop tuition:

lecture and image critic

- transportation during the workshop,

- model-fee

- location-fee

- make-up/ hair fee

- our guide and producer

- welcome dinner at our hotel

- guide Hermitage Museum

- guide excursion to Pavlovsk

Not included in the workshop tuition:

- accommodation at The Ambassador Hotel

- plane ticket

- visa

- transportation to/from airport

- lunch and dinner

- entrance tickets to The Hermitage Museum

- entrance tickets to Pavlovsk Museum

Shortly after registration for your workshop you will receive an invoice via e-mail for the deposit (to be paid within two weeks). You will also receive an invoice for the rest of the tuition at the same time as the deposit. This invoice is to be paid no later then one month before the workshop starts. All fees are to be paid in Norwegian Kroner.
International students: You can pay us via PayPal or transfer your payment directly to our account. Please let us know when registration for a workshop your preferred method of payment. For PayPal payments there is a handling fee of 4% of the amount paid. For bank transfer there is usually a transaction fee. Check with your bank for the amount.


Our class will stay at the luxurious Ambassador Hotel in St Petersburg, close to the historical part of the city, which is the largest historical center in the world. The hotel offer single and double room including breakfast. The hotel has a swimming pool and a SPA/ Beauty department, as well as a restaurant and a cafe. We have reserved single rooms for our group. If you book your hotel with your plane ticket, please let us know so we can release the room booked for your seat. 

Price hotel (hotel prices might change as it can be affected by the exchange rate of the local currancy).


Single room pr night:

6800 Rubles (pr. Jan 2020/ about 107 dollars) ink breakfast.


Double room pr night:

8200 Rubler (pr. Jan 2020/ about 129 dollars) ink breakfast.


Participants have to apply for a visitors visa to enter Russia. It is each participants own responsibility to be approved for a Russian visa.


As of October 2019, several countries are eligible for a new E-VISA prosess which is done online - check this link to see if your country is on the list: .

  1. An e-visa is only issued for visits to one of the following three regions of the Russian Federation: the Far-Eastern Federal District, or Kaliningrad Oblast, or Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. An e-visa issued for a visit to one of the three above-listed regions is not valid for visits to other regions of the Russian Federation.

  2. An e-visa is free. Invitations, hotel booking confirmations or any other documents that confirm the purpose of your journey to the Russian Federation are not required for an e-visa. The time period for issuing an e-visa is no longer than 4 calendar days from the date of submission of the complete application.

If you are not eligible you will find information about how to obtain your VISA on the Russian Embassy website in your country. You can also

find online services who offer Visa assistance in your country.

Most travel agency’s with Russian destinations will offer visa service, or offer guidance in how to obtain a tourist visa. You can also google visa service online, and see what is offered in your country. Or you can go to the Russian Embassy webpage in your country to find information about how to apply for your VISA. Our experience is however that the visa service online are very efficient and easy to use. 


NORDphotography will supply the documentation from the hotel necessary for obtaining a Visa. The visa process takes about 3 weeks, and the Russian Consulate charges a fee for a regular tourist visa. This is often charged in addition to the visa service fee. The fee varies from country to country. Express visa has normally double the fee.


You need travel insurance, a copy of your ticket, a passport, an invitation from the hotel, and the electronically visa form filled in and signed as part of the visa application. We ask that students wait to apply for a visa until the workshop is confirmed. If you have any questions about applying for a visa feel free to contact NORDphotography and we will help in anyway we can.

Full: NOK 23.000,-

(currency converter)

Deposit: NOK 6.000,-

Se payment details in the workshop description.

Registration on our workshops are binding


The workshop starts on the 5TH of October, around 1PM, with a guided tour. 


The workshop ends on the 11TH of October after break-fast

We ask that you do not book your ticket until we have confirmed that the minimum number of participants have signed on. The confirmation will happen no later then a month before the workshop start. 


You need to bring your camera, and your laptop. A tripod/ monopod might come in handy as we will be working with daylight. You should bring your reflector(s). Pluss props and clothes/ fabrics for your models might come in handy. 



Tatiana Yermolayeva is a Russian Art Historian, Curator, and Producer.


She has a background from the Hermitage Museum, one of the oldest and largest museums in the world, and has been a producer and facilitator for several artist throughout the years.


Her most famous collaborator was with world renowned fashion and art photographer Deborah Turbeville, whom she worked closely with

for many decades.


She has been NORDphotography’s producer and facilitator in St Petersburg since 2011.



Elisabeth is the founder and CEO of NORDphotography and SAGA Center for Photography. She teaches NORDphotography’s mentor program in Oslo and at SAGA. Elisabeth took her photo-education in USA, and worked for several years with the world renowned photographer Joyce Tenneson. She  has also worked at the Polaroid Studio in NYC, and assisted 

photographers like William Wegman and Timothy Greenfield Sanders.


Her work has been exhibited at The Photo District Gallery (NYC), CMCA (Maine - USA), DogA (Oslo), Trondhjem Kunstforening and Sekkefabrikken (Oslo) in addition to private galleris in USA and Norway. 

She holds the cover for Book 'The View Project' by Joyce Tenneson.

Instructor Replacement:


It is the nature of our business that occasionally a listed instructor cannot participate because of unexpected events. If we are forced to replace an instructor we will do so with someone with equal or similar credentials. When time permits we will inform everyone who has registered.

Cancelation Rules:

We ask that you do not book your ticket until we have confirmed that the minimum number of participants have signed up.

For workshops to run we need a minimum of five participants, unless otherwise noted in the workshop description. If we for some reason are not able to reach our minimum number, the workshop will be canceled and you will receive a full refund. NORDphotography is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline / train tickets in the event of a program cancellation. Our line of liability is to return all monies paid to the workshops. Please check on your workshop status before making travel arrangements. There will be a maximum of 10 students in each workshop, unless otherwise noted in the workshop description. 

Withdrawal and refund policy: 

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance.

Enrolment is limited in our workshops, so once you have registered for a class – we are counting on you to attend. The registration is binding. We do however understand that sometimes plans fall trough and offer the following cancellation policies: Withdraw more than 60 days before the start of class and we will refund all monies paid, minus an administration fee of NOK 1500,-. Withdraw 60 days or less before the start of class and we will charge you with the full workshop tuition. NORDphotography is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies.

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