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ST. Petersburg

- We have 2 different workshops planned in

St Petersburg for 2022/2023, but are awaiting the Covid situation in Russia before dates are set.

- If you are interested in our creative journeys to St Petersburg, send an e-mail to and you will be the first to know when dates are confirmed.


St. Petersburg, the North capital of Russia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, often called “the window to Europe“. Our producer in Russia is local art historian Tatiana Yermolayeva who will give us access to historical landmarks and palaces throughout the city.

NORDphotography will organise the accommodation, transportation during the workshops, locations, models, hair and make-up. We will also include a trip to Pavlovsk in our Turbeville class, which is an important historical site, and was one of the locations Deborah Turbeville used in her fashion stories

WORKSHOP: Swan Lake at the Hermitage with Mark Olich

Join our Master Class in St Petersburg, for a once in a lifetime experience. We will shoot in exclusive locations in St Petersburg and in the rehearsal studios with acclaimed performers from the esteemed St Petersburg State Ballet Theatre. The workshop culminates with a back-stage pass to photograph during a LIVE performance at The Hermitage Theatre.  The theatre is part of the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest and oldest art museums in the world. The Hermitage Theatre was built between 1783 and 1787 at the behest of Empress Catherine the Great - read more about its history here.

Participants will have access to the back stage and wings of the scene, the gallery, and from the audience side. Photographing back stage at The Hermitage Theatre during a live performance by the Russian Ballet Theatre, is a once in a lifetime experience.

TESTEMONIAL: 'I was totally blown away by the amazing opportunities we got to learn and practice ballet photography during the workshop in St. Petersburg march 2017. During the workshop I captured the key images for my submission for the 'Norwegian Champion of photography 2017', which I finally won' - Håkon Grønning.

WORKSHOP: Remembering Deborah Turbeville with Tatiana Yermolayeva

Walk in the footsteps of the legendary photographer Deborah Turbeville and experience first hand some of Turbeville’s favourite locations for shooting her iconic imagery. St Petersburg was a city which inspired Turbeville immensely, and was the backdrop of Turbeville’s book Studio St Petersburg. This was also a popular location for several of Turbeville’s fashion stories.

We will look at Turbeville’s work, study her books, and be able to listen to Turbeville’s actual lectures, where she talks about her influences, as well as a look behind the scenes. Our producer Tatiana Yermolayeva was a close friend of Deborah’s, and will give the students a unique insight into her life in Russia, and the artwork she created here.

This is a creative journey where you will be influenced by this Iconic photographer, her work, St Petersburg, and the history of Leningrad. We will set up photo-shoots with models in typical Turbeville locations.



Mark Olich, born in Omsk, Russia in 1974, is a Russian photographer whose works are entirely focused on the worlds of theatre and dance. The aim of his work is to show what is happening in the boundary that separates the inside, the backstage, from the outer, public performance. The viewer of his photography can see the difference between ordinary person and onstage hero .Mark has been engaged with photography since 2002. He also studied easel graphics, and etching, and his paintings and drawings are in many private collections both in Russia and Japan.


In 2000 he accepted a invitation from the Mariinsky Theater and has for nearly fifteen years worked on theatre scenery in one of the most famous theatres in the world. He collaborates with theatres, theatre-companies and ballet festivals all over the world. 


Mark is a graduated from the Theatre and Art College, he has studied at the Russian Ballet Academy (Vagano- va), and participated in many art and photo exhibitions. Mark also has studied with Deborah Turbeville, who has had a great impact on his work. 



Tatiana Yermolayeva is a Russian Art Historian, Curator, and Producer.


She has a background from the Hermitage Museum, one of the oldest and largest museums in the world, and has been a producer and facilitator for several artist throughout the years.


Her most famous collaborator was with world renowned fashion and art photographer Deborah Turbeville, whom she worked closely with

for many decades.


She has been NORDphotography’s producer and facilitator in St Petersburg since 2011.

Instructor Replacement:

It is the nature of our business that occasionally a listed instructor cannot participate because of unexpected events. If we are forced to replace an instructor we will do so with someone with equal or similar credentials. When time permits we will inform everyone who has registered.


Cancelation Rules:

For workshops to run we need a minimum of five participants, unless otherwise noted in the workshop description. If we for some reason are not able to reach our minimum number, the workshop will be canceled and you will receive a full refund.

NORDphotography is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline / train tickets in the event of a program cancellation. Our line of liability is to return all monies paid to the workshops. Please check on your workshop status before making travel arrangements. There will be a maximum of 10 students in each workshop, unless otherwise noted in the workshop description. 


We ask that you do not book your ticket until we have confirmed that the minimum number of participants have signed up.

Withdrawal and refund policy: 

Enrollment is limited in our workshops, so once you have registered for a class – we are counting on you to attend. The registration is binding. We do however understand that sometimes plans fall trough and offer the following cancellation policies:
Withdraw more than 60 days before the start of class and we will refund all monies paid, minus an administration fee of NOK 1500,-. Withdraw 60 days or less before the start of class and we will charge you with the full workshop tuition.

NORDphotography is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies.


We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance.

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