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Welcome to our Online Course offers: 


with Connie Imboden

“You cannot go deep by digging a thousand holes”

- Buddhist saying 

FIND a deeper artistic vision with Connie Imboden in her Mentor Class with NORDphotography.

The class runs over 9 months with one meeting a month. There will be 6 group meetings, and 3 individual talks, where you will get a 20 minute one-on-on conversation with Connie.  


The class starts on September 26TH 2024, and wraps on May 22TH 2025.

Day: Thursdays

26 Sep. 19:00-21:00 CET / 1PM-3PM EST (group meeting)
24 Oct. 19:00-21:00 CET / 1PM-3PM EST (group meeting)
14 Nov. 19:00-22:00 CET / 1PM-4PM EST (individual talk) 
12 Dec. 19:00-21:00 CET / 1PM-3PM EST (group meeting)



23 Jan. 19:00-21:00 CET / 1PM-3PM EST (group meeting)
20 Feb. 19:00-22:00 CET / 1PM-4PM EST (individual talk) 
20 Mar. 19:00-21:00 CET / 1PM-3PM EST (group meeting)
24 Apr. 19:00-21:00 CET / 1PM-3PM EST (group meeting)
22 May 19:00-22:00 CET / 1PM-4PM EST (individual talk) 

Place: Zoom - invitation will be sent to your e-mail

Language: English

Max participants: 8

This is a very unique Mentor Group, where participants are approved by portfolio. 


Connie will push you the way only she does, to help you deepen your own understanding of your creative ability. She will help you keep digging into the depths of your talent and discover your creative uniqueness. This class is about YOU and finding a clearer focus for your photographic vision.  

Assignments will be individually geared, and the structure of the class is group meetings with image critic and lectures, and individual talks with each participants, to allow for deeper discussions about your work, and what you are trying to accomplish. Unlike other classes she has offered which are designed to develop different visual tools to strengthen your work, this class is about finding, identifying and/or developing your distinctive photographic vision.


Connie Imboden is an artist whom pushes the photographic medium to its highest level. Especially nudes, where her constant quest is to find new ways to examine, distort and redefine the human body often using reflections in water and mirrors.


Her photographs are represented in many collections including The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany as well as many other public and private collections throughout Europe and the Americas.

Connie is also teaching our Visual Illusion 1 class

Read more about Connie Imboden on our faculty page. See more of Connie Imboden work on her website.

Connie Imboden.jpg

NOK 24.0
00,- (currency converter)

Registration on our courses are binding

You can pay via the bank or Paypal.

International students: You can pay us via PayPal or transfer your payment directly to our account. Please let us know when registration for a workshop your preferred method of payment. For PayPal payments there is a handling fee of 6 % of the amount paid that will be added to the invoice. For bank transfer there is a transaction fee. Check with your bank for the amount.

For bank transfers we charge a transaction fee of NOK 40,- for Norwegian transactions, and NOK 170,- for international transactions, which will be added to the invoice. For international bank transfer your bank will have a transaction fee as well. Check with your bank for the amount, and make sure the fee is not subtracted from the tuition. 

We need a min of 6 participants to run the course.

Withdrawal and refund policy: 

Enrollment is limited in our classes, so once you have registered for a class – we are counting on you to attend. The registration is binding. We do however understand that sometimes plans fall trough and offer the following cancellation policies:
Withdraw more than 30 days before the start of class and we will refund all monies paid, minus an administration fee of NOK 1500,-. Withdraw 30 days or less before the start of class and we will charge you with the full workshop tuition.

NORDphotography is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies.

Cancelation Rules:

For online course to run we need a minimum of five participants, unless otherwise noted in the class description. If we for some reason are not able to reach our minimum number, the class will be canceled and you will receive a full refund.

 There will be a maximum of 10 students in each class, unless otherwise noted in the workshop description. 

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