NORD Photography

Cyan: studio, Jens Bjelkesgate, Oslo

Full: NOK 11400,-
Deposit: NOK 5000,-
Elisabeth N Aanes
Feb 16 - Dec 7, 2015

NORDphotography in collabaration with Cyan :studio invites you to join our mentor program starting February 16TH in Oslo. This is a program that extends over one year, with eight regular meetings, plus exhibition and Cyan: arena presentation.

© Deborah Turbeville
St. Petersburg - Russia

Full: NOK 10700,-
Deposit: NOK 4700,-
Elisabeth N Aanes / Tanya Yermolayev
Mar 6 - Mar 12, 2015

This is a unique opportunity to walk in Deborah Turbevilles footstep in her beloved St petersburg (Russia) and experience first hand some of her favorite locations for shooting her iconic imagery.