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Welcome to our Online Course offers: 


with Holly Lynton

Our online class with artist Holly Lynton will reframe the way you think about visual storytelling, leaving you with a new perspective and a new set of techniques to craft compelling photographic narratives.

Bare Handed Holly Lynton

Book: Bare Handed 

Dates and times to be announced for 2024 soon!

Have you ever connected with a photograph on a psychological or visceral level?


It’s possible you may not even be aware of it. Great photographs often connect with our subconscious, producing a response that although pleasing to the eye, resonates deeper under the surface.


This online course with American photographer Holly Lynton will provide participants with innovative strategies to produce images that are provocative, enigmatic, and lyrical.


Students will learn how to depict people, places, and histories in unprecedented ways.


Reconsidering their roles as storytellers, students will develop new methods that transform viewers into active participants in the narrative and will learn how to tell complex stories.


The learning process will revolved around a storytelling project created through a combination of in-class development and outside class assignments.


Holly Lynton will describe how research and archival exploration play an important role in effectively describing the places and communities that become the subject of her projects. In addition, Holly will provide tips on how to gain permission for making photographs in new and exciting territories.


Classroom critiques and close examination of the work made will provide important feedback for participants progressing along their learning curve.

HOLLY LYNTON was born in Boulder, Colorado and was raised both there and in New York City. Her work for the past ten years has focused on understanding rural communities in the United States through their agricultural history and current industry and ritual. 

Lynton has received numerous awards and grants to support her work , including The Aaron Siskind Individual Photographer’s Fellowship (2016), a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship (2013), The Syngenta Photography Award (2013), and an Artist Resource Trust Grant (2011). Her book 'Bare Handed' was published in 2022 by L'Artiere. 

Read more about Holly Lynton on our faculty page. 

See more of Holly Lynton's work on her website.

Holly Lynton

NOK 7.200,- 
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We need a min of 5 participants to run the course.

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