with Elisabeth N Aanes

Welcome to The Image Crit. This is an online image critic activity, with different creative challenges for each meeting, with the goal to expand your talent and keep your eye sharp.


It is also a way to meet likeminded creative people, with a passion for photography, that want to connect with other creatives, get and give feedback on images, and have fun in doing so.


Anyone can join us.


To register click the SIGN ME UP button on the right. 

The Image Crit

HOW IT WORKS: we start off The Image Crit by sending you a creative challenge. In the 'challenge e-mail' we will often send you tips on work and artists to check out that can inspire your respond. You have until next meeting to create your image as an answer to the challenge given. 


In the meeting, lead by NORDphotography's founder Elisabeth N Aanes, 'the floor is open', so everyone can give feedback on everyones image. Which makes The Image Crit a great forum to test out your work and get a wide selections of opinions, pluss discuss ideas and give feedback to fellow creatives. You will also be invited into our Images Crit group on Facebook, where participants can share more images, and keep the discussion going, outside the Crit meetings.  

The submissions for each Image Crit will be presented in our gallery on our website, the day before we meet, so you can have a look at everyones image before the meeting starts. We may also share some of the best images from the Image Crit on our social media to celebrate the artists work. Sharing on social media is done after The Image Crit meeting has past. 


For the last part of 2021 we offer 2 different classes:

- Image Crit Level 1

- Image Crit Level 2. 

The level 1 class has a maximum of 12 participants, and each participant can summit 1 image to each creative challenge. This class is for participants who wants to stretch their creative muscles on different creative challenges, without committing to too much.  The class meets twice a month. You can sign up pr month or for a half year package. The monthly fee is NOK 600,- / or NOK 2500,- for the half year package (NOK 500,- pr month). 

The Level 2 class has a maximum of 8 participants. This class is a bit different. It is still a Image Crit class, but this class is for participant who want to go deeper with each challenge, and create a larger volume of images to get feedback on. We will meet once a month and there will be given a creative challenge. BUT in this class you can choose to follow the creative challenge OR you can choose to present images connected to a project you are working on. Each participant get between 10-12 minutes of image critic, and can submit as many images as they want, but within the limitation of the 10-12 minutes critic. The class meets once a month - and the monthly fee is NOK 700,- / or NOK 3.000- for the half year package (NOK 600,- pr month).


We will priorities the enrolment for participants who sign up for the package of 5 months, and if there is available space we will accept sign up pr month. 

WE offer ONE Level 1 classes:
Friday from 20:00 - 21:00  CET/ 2PM-3PM EST (Norwegian)


If you want to participate in a Level 1 class, but in english, send us an e-mail and if we get enough interest to fill a new class - we might add a new level 1 class in English to the mix.

We offer TWO Level 2 class:

Sunday from 18:00 - 19:00/19:30 CET / 12PM-1/1:30PM EST (English)
Sunday from 19:30-20:30/21:00 CET/ 1:30 PM - 2:30/3PM (Norwegian)

- time variations: each student get a minimum of 10 minutes critic in the level 2 class, so if we are a full class, we will spend 80 minutes as a minimum, but if we are not full we might wrap after 60 minutes. 

LEVEL 1 SCHEDULE : July - November 2021:


Friday Class: 
July: 2ND and 16TH
August: 6TH and 20TH
September: 3RD and 17TH
October: 1ST and 15TH
November: 5TH and 19TH 

LEVEL 2 SCHEDULE: July - November 2021:

Sunday Class: 
July: 18TH
August: 22TH
September: 19TH
October: 17TH
November: 21TH 

ON December 12TH at 19:00-21:00 CET / 1PM-3PM EST all participants from this years Image Crit are invited to a ONLINE X-MAS party where we present the best work created over the last year. 

You can pay via Paypal or bank account. List your preferred payment when registrer.  Registration is binding. 


You will receive an e-mail with a link to your meeting. Make sure to test your web camera, and microphone before the meeting, so you know that everything is working fine. 


For level 1: E-mail your image to no later than the day before your meeting before 5 PM (CET)/ 11AM EST.  The image should be: jpeg, 72 dpi, shortest side 1000 pixels.  And remember to use your name in the filename of your image.  

For level 2: upload your work in your folder in our shared dropbox folder no later than the day before your meeting before 5 PM (CET)/ 11AM EST.


You register via the Sign Me Up button. From the registration form you use the pull down menu to find the right Image Crit Group. Registration is binding. There is a seat limit in each group. If your desired group is full, you will be offered to be put on a waiting list, or a seat in a different group. 


Level 1: 

NOK 600,- pr month OR

NOK 2.500,- for the half year package

Level 2:

NOK 700,- pr month / OR

NOK 3.000- for the half year package

You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer. List your preferred payment when registrer. For PayPal payments there will be added a 4,5 % handling 

fee to the tuition. For bank transfer there is a handling fee of NOK 40 that will be added to your invoice.