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THE PHOTO BOOK - Design Your Own Photo Book

with  Elizabeth Avedon

There is a rich history of self-published authors including Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King and Mark Twain. Now that artists are able to produce their own hardcover and softcover books online at a relatively low cost, self-publishing has become a popular alternative for photographers.


Our online book-design class spans over 9 months and is divided into 3 separate levels. This will allow students to develop a well crafted book by the end of the course.

Our goal is for you to leave this class with a photo book pdf ready to self-publish or present to a publisher.


Your instructor is the highly regarded photo-book and exhibition designer, independent curator, and photo consultant Elizabeth Avedon.


Elizabeth will give you assignments between sessions to help you elevate your book, and get ready for the next Level. We strongly encourage students to use the time in between the different levels to work on the skills learned thus far, and keep developing your book.


Designing a great photo-book takes time, and this class is structured to give you enough time to develop your taste, skill-set, and design choices, so the end result is a thoroughly crafted book that highlights your work in the best way possible.


We will be using BLURB for this class, and each student needs to download and become familiar with's 'free' BookWright software before classes begin. You may also use INDesign, Quark, or Photoshop if you are more familiar with these softwares. The class will not cover technical or design software issues.


- starts Wednesday February 23RD
- time: 19:00 - 21:30 CET/ 1PM-3:30PM EST. 
- dates: Feb 23, Mar 2, Mar 16, Mar 30. 


This class will cover the basic principles of designing your own photography book. 


Drawing on over thirty years of experience, Elizabeth Avedon will demonstrate the bones of creating a successful photography book including editing, sequencing, typography and interior and cover design. We will explore what comprises good design from bad, developing a framework for the participant to build upon with their own book project.

Students will be asked to upload a selection of 30-40 images from their book project, alongside a description of your book idea, to a dropbox folder (link will be sent you) 2 weeks before the class begins, so our instructor Elizabeth can familiarize herself with your work and your ideas around the book. These images will be used for our class when it comes to image selection, sequencing and discussion of design considerations. You should also include a selection of images that could work as the cover in this upload. 


You will leave this class with guidelines from your instructor of what you need to bring into and work on in your book-projects before our Level 2.


NOK 18.000,- / includes all 3 levels

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Deposit: NOK 7,000,-
Due March 2022: NOK 5,500,-
Due June 2022: NOK 5,500,-

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For Norwegian costumers there is an Invoice Fee (fakturagebyr) of NOK 40,- added to the invoice. 


We need a min of 7 participants to run the course. There will be max 10 participants in this class. 

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For anyone who has felt daunted by the myriad of necessary decisions in order to publish a book of photography, this class will help you immensely, and will set you well on your way to emerging with a professional piece that could be on par by any fine art book - Michael Schenker

I think the curriculum was well developed and I learned an enormous amount that I can apply to projects now and moving forward. I got basic knowledge about book design principles and professional standards for book publishing.  I love that my book project is almost complete from taking this class - Hilary White


- week-end course: June 4TH-5TH,
- time: 15:30-18:30 & 19:30-21:30 CET/  9:30AM - 12:30PM & 1:30PM - 3:30PM EST 


Our goal for this session is for you to leave with the frame-work needed to create a well sequenced, visually compelling book dummy in a format that displays your work to it's best advantage.


This week-end each book project will be given their own focus, in a one-on-one style sessions with our instructor Elizabeth Avedon. All students should join each session, but the dialog will be between the presenting student, and the instructor. We will however make time for Q&A in the end of each session.


Elizabeth will outline improvements to your book including; setting up an overall structure for the framework; editing, layout considerations, interior formatting and sequencing, and typography, cover design and other design elements to be considered. We'll discuss any text and writing that may accompany your work.


You should come to this session with a rough draft of your book saved as a PDF in your chosen design program. This should include all images you have selected for the book, plus possible new ones, for sequencing and discussion of design considerations; and any text and writing that may accompany your work. You will be asked to upload your rough draft two weeks before our class.


You will leave this session with guidelines from your instructor of what you need to bring into and work on in your book-projects before our LEVEL 3. 


- starts Wednesday September 7TH
- time 19:00 - 21:30 CET/ 1PM-3:30PM EST. 
- dates: Sept. 7TH, Sep 14TH, Sep 21TH, Oct. 5TH


Through personal critique and group reviews, we will improve and refine your final book

dummy to create a professional level photography book. We will work towards perfecting your front and back cover, title and text pages, and strong sequencing of your images.


We will briefly discuss the self-publishing companies available. We will also explore how you can use your self-published book as a valuable tool to submit as your illustrated book proposal to a photo- publisher, or as a leave-behind promo piece.


The goal for our Level 3 course is to create a photo book pdf in the end that is ready to self-publish or present to a publisher.

Read more about Elizabeth Avedon on our faculty page. 

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