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THE IMAGE CRIT - edition 2
with Elisabeth N Aanes

Welcome to The Image CRIT - edition 2.


We started this activity as our first online activity, and as our CRIT groups grew and developed, so did this program.


For our edition 2 we are changing it up. We have added in lectures in each meeting, to share more knowledge to the classes. 


We offer 2 different CRIT groups.

To register click the SIGN ME UP button on the right, and choose your group. 

Image Crit 2021

THE IMAGE CRIT - edition 2 


We offer 2 different groups:

  • CRIT 1 - Creative Challenge

  • CRIT 2 - Projects


Both classes are image CRIT driven, but in this edition we have added in short lectures each time for each group. 



For this group you will get a new creative challenge each time. To set up the challenge we will, in the end of each critic session, give a lecture (the challenge for your first class will be sent you by e-mail). That means that we will present, in class, the premise of the challenge, and also show inspirational work related to the challenge.


You will be shown work from many different photographers as inspiration, to give you a great send off into your creative process, but also make you aware of different work that fellow creatives are doing. We think this will present a greater learning experience for our CRIT participants, which in term will give us great photography. 


For our edition 2 group each participants will present work form their ongoujng project. In addition we will each time give a lecture on a chosen topic. 

It can be:

- different ways to work on a project

- how to select the right images

- presenting a project in a professional matter

- what text (like Artist Statement, Project Statement etc) you need to include in a projects, and how to write them.

- how, and where to present your work online

Participants are encouraged to submit requests for topics.


The meetings are moderated and taught by NORDphotography's founder Elisabeth N Aanes. 


The Image Crit is a great forum to test out your work and get a wide selections of opinions, pluss discuss ideas and give feedback to fellow creatives. You will also be invited into our Images Crit group on Facebook, where participants can share more images, and keep the discussion going, outside the Crit meetings.  

The submissions for CRIT 1 will be presented in our gallery on our website, the day before we meet, so you can have a look at everyones image before the session starts. For our CRIT 2 we will be using Dropbox, and not share the work until the project is ready. 


We may share some of the best images from the Image Crit on our social media to celebrate the artists work. 

Both CRIT groups will be invited to our online X-MAS PARTY on December 18TH, where we will highlight the best work submitted all year from our CRIT participants. This presentation will also be presented on our website, and social media to celebrate the talents we have had the pleasure of working with over the year. 


CRIT 1 - creative challenge: 

Meets 1 Sunday about every 3 weeks at 18:00-19:30 CET/ 12PM-1:30PM EST. 


This class is for participants who wants to stretch their creative muscles on different creative challenges, without committing to too much. You can  submit up to 5 image for our critic session. Maximum 8 participants. 


21 Aug., 18 Sept., 9 Oct., 30 Oct., 20 Nov., 11 Dec.


18 Dec.: X-MAS PARTY

CRIT 2 - projects: 

Meets 1 Sunday about every 3 weeks at 20:00-21:30 CET/ 2PM-3:30PM EST. 


This is for participants who are working on a project or a serie, and want feedback on their progress. You can submit up to 10 images for each critic session. Maximum 8 participant.


21 Aug., 18 Sept., 9 Oct., 30 Oct., 20 Nov., 11 Dec.

18 Dec.: X-MAS PARTY


CRIT 1: NOK 4.900,- / ink. 6 meetings with lectures & critics

CRIT 2: NOK 5.900,- / ink. 6 meetings with lectures & critics

You can pay via Paypal or bank account. List your preferred payment when registrer.  Registration is binding. 


You will receive an e-mail with a link to your meeting. Make sure to test your web camera, and microphone before the meeting, so you know that everything is working fine. 


CRIT 1: E-mail your image to no later than 5PM(CET)/ 11AM EST the day before our meeting. The image should be: jpeg, 72 dpi, shortest side 1000 pixels.  And remember to use your name in the filename of your image.  

CRIT 2: upload your work in your folder in our shared dropbox no later than 5PM(CET)/ 11AM EST the day before our meeting.


You register via the Sign Me Up button. From the registration form you use the pull down menu to find the right Image Crit Group. Registration is binding. There is room for 8 participants in each group. If your desired group is full, you will be offered to be put on a waiting list, or a seat in a different group. 



CRIT 1: NOK 4.900,-

CRIT 2: NOK 5.900,-

You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer. List your preferred payment when registrer. For PayPal payments there will be added a 6% handling fee to the tuition. For bank transfer there is a handling fee of NOK 40 that will be added to your invoice. For international bank transfer your  bank might also add a fee. 




Elisabeth is the founder and CEO of NORDphotography and SAGA Center for Photography. She teaches NORDphotography’s mentor program in Oslo and at SAGA.


Elisabeth took her photo-education in USA, and worked for several years with the world renowned photographer Joyce Tenneson. She  has also worked at the Polaroid Studio in NYC, and assisted photographers like William Wegman and Timothy Greenfield Sanders.


Her work has been exhibited at The Photo District Gallery (NYC), CMCA (Maine - USA), DogA (Oslo), Trondhjem Kunstforening and Sekkefabrikken (Oslo) in addition to private galleris in USA and Norway. 

She holds the cover for Book 'The View Project' by Joyce Tenneson.

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