Gallery Sunday Crit Group 2

Challenge October week 3-4: My Neighbourhood

Challenge October week 1-2: Diptych challenge 2: creating diptychs from work by Cig Harvey, Tom Sandberg or Andrei Kartesz

Challenge September week 3-4: SLO MO - motion blur or long exposure/ slow shutter speed. 

Challenge September week 1-2: Positive vs Negative Space

Challenge August week 3-4: Ops I Did It Again by Britney Spears

Challenge August week 1-2: Blowing in the wind by Bob Dylan

Challenge July week 3-4: Triptych part 2

Challenge July week 1-2: Triptych part 1

Challenge June week 3-4: Diptych part 2

Challenge June week 1-2: Diptych part 1

Challenge May week 5: Me, Myself & I

Challenge May week 4: Tell Me A Story

Challenge May week 3: Less Is More

Challenge May week 2: Finding Shapes & Forms

Challenge May week 1: Catching the LIGHT

Challenge April week 4: A Different World

Challenge April week 3: A Closer Look

Challenge April week 2: The Sound Of Silence