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Welcome to our Online Course offers: 


with Travis Hocutt

This course will introduce you to several book binding techniques and will include Coptic, Accordion, Japanese stab, clam-shell boxes, portfolio folders, as well as several variations of those bindings.


You need no prior knowledge of bookbinding as it is intended to be a beginner’s level class.


To practise binding taught in this class you will need copy paper, tread, needles, an awl (or thick sharp needle), paper clips, bone folder, ruler, pencils, paper glue, paper knife or box cutter.



The class meetings are in Zoom on Thursday, from 19:00 - 21:00 (CET) / 1PM to 3PM (EST). The course starts September 1ST, and wraps on October 13TH. 

Day: Thursdays

Dates: Sep. 1, Sep. 8, Sep. 15, Sep. 29, Oct. 6, Oct. 13.

Time: 19:00 - 21:00 (CET)/ 1PM - 3PM (EST)

Place: Zoom - invitation will be sent to your e-mail

Levels: All levels

Language: English

Max participants: 10

The class will give you a thorough introduction to the different book-binding techniques, and Travis will spend time demonstrating live in class the specific bindings.


We will also include a troubleshooting section where you can present issues you have encountered when trying out the different techniques presented in class. Each class will also involve presentation of handmade books created by other artists as inspiration.


The online course will give you a feel for the different bindings and techniques so you can get an idea for which fits your photography best, and be a great preparation course to take before enrolling in our In-person workshop The Artist Book which takes place 23-29 Januar 2023. You will leave the online class with the knowledge of 4–6 different binding techniques.

Read more about Travis Hocutt on our faculty page. 

NOK 6.200,- 
(currency converter)

Registration on our courses are binding

You can pay via the bank or Paypal.

International students: You can pay us via PayPal or transfer your payment directly to our account. Please let us know when registration for a workshop your preferred method of payment. For PayPal payments there is a handling fee of 6 % of the amount paid that will be added to the invoice. For bank transfer there is a transaction fee. Check with your bank for the amount.

For Norwegian invoices there will be an invoice fee of NOK 40,- added. 

We need a min of 6 participants to run the course.

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